Hotel takeovers … a new perspective

We recently returned from a full-weekend hotel takeover in Miami Beach. We can’t say more than wow! We returned home exhausted and needed a few days to process the weekend.   Having been to Desire countless times we are quite comfortable and enjoy being in a lifestyle centric environment. But we have been reluctant to attend “takeovers” because of our experience at the one and only takeover we attended years ago. Not only was the hotel sketchy but there were a number of attendees who we wouldn’t go near even if we were wearing hazmat suits. Obviously, we did not enjoy the event and thought we would never attend one again.   But as Donna likes to say “never, say never.”  So, what changed our minds?   About five years ago, in life before Covid, we attended a small event in New York City billed as Podcast-a-palooza.  It was organized by the hosts of the podcast Swinging Down Under, now going under the moniker of Wanderlust Swingers.  The hosts were an Australian couple who are hysterical and irreverent but have outstanding content. We greatly enjoy listening to their wit and wisdom and, who doesn’t love an Aussie accent? The event was a Saturday afternoon in a loft event space in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. There was a panel of other podcasters and one blogger (not us). Attendance was limited to about thirty people. Afterwards, we all sauntered over to a local bar for a somewhat raucous after party. We enjoyed partying with the hosts, who, until that afternoon, we only knew them by their voices. It gave us a chance to get to know them and the attendees.  

At the time, we did not know that Cate, the female host of Swinging Down Under, had a plan.  The NYC event was an experiment. A test case. She had her sights set onto something a bit bigger and more sophisticated than a few hours of panels, drinks, nibbles, and banter. Out of this small get together the PCAP takeover was born. It was to take place over a weekend at a boutique hotel in South Beach (Miami), Florida. We adore Cate (who doesn’t) and totally trust her, so we put aside our misgivings about hotel takeovers and signed up. And thus began the count down to PCAP. But as we all know, life takes funny turns and Covid appeared and started roaring through the world. With much disappointment but with an abundance of caution, PCAP was cancelled along much of our normal day-to-day activities. As Covid abated, PCAP was rescheduled but because of family obligations (think graduations and weddings) we were not able to attend. That is, until a few weeks ago. We enthusiastically registered for this event. But as PCAP grew closer and the excitement grew on the event’s chat group we started to get a bit apprehensive.

Although we appear cool, calm, and collected we were worried that we may not fit in. Were the attendees all going to be buff young people? Would it be cliquish since there were many couples returning from past PCAP events?  Cate assured us that we would fit right in, but nevertheless we were still a bit nervous. But, with total trust in Cate and being adventurous souls, we mustered our courage, packed our bags, and headed down to South Beach in Miami.  

From the moment we arrived we immediately felt like we were with our tribe. Couples from all over the US and a smattering from across the Atlantic were mingling and chatting. Not cliquey at all. And much to our delight the couples were of a broad age range and no shortage of mom and dad bods. Cate’s assurances were spot on!   The hotel had a stylish South Beach vibe which was perfect for a weekend of partying with a couple of hundred of sexy, likeminded people. But the hotel was just one part of it … throughout the weekend there were pool parties, happy hours, and panels covering everything from keeping the magic going to rope play. By day, there was something for everyone. Though by far, the non-stop music at the pool was the most popular. Every day was topped off by an evening theme party with amazing DJs who upped the already sexy vibe. Most couples, including ourselves, dressed in theme. And dressing in some form of costume is a bit out of ordinary for us.   So, for us, our weekend in South Beach was out of the ordinary. But stepping a bit out of our comfort zone was fun, educational, and most of all sexy. A carefully curated event has definitely changed our minds about hotel takeovers. We don’t think we be voraciously seeking them out, but we have already secured our spot for a repeat of this event scheduled for the Spring. So remember, what Donna likes to say, “never say never.”    


Donna & Alex  

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