Dessert Before Dinner and breaking other myths.

July was a tiring but fun month for us. We started the month off at Desire Pearl and then after a few days home we headed off for a week of family fun in Key West. Believe it or not, just hours after all the family left, we were entertaining friends in our pool … naked. This pace is a bit atypical for us but when it rains it pours.  

August is  a quite month so we can catch our breath and reflect about our sexy times of last month. When our friends came over last month the fun started in the pool moved on to a chaise and then inside onto a bed. We lounged around a bit before we cleaned ourselves up and headed out to dinner. So, it was dessert before dinner. Growing up it was ingrained in us that dessert was a treat for after dinner. Have it before and it will spoil your appetite and ruin the treat. Not so in the LS, as we learned. For us, playing before dinner can be amazing. And whether you go out for dinner or throw some steaks on the grill, dinner becomes a mellow affair, and you can always go back for seconds or as we like to call it, “dessert.”  

This brings us to our next thought. If you play before dinner, you are probably playing while the sun is still above the horizon. Is that so bad? In the LS, there is, in our opinion, this crazy notion that the fun starts as the clock ticks closer to midnight. Have you ever noticed that clubs tend to be fairly empty before 11PM? Where is everyone? Are they napping? Pre-gaming? Even when we were younger, we loved earlier play time. We have been known to do some of our best work in the morning. Friends who have traveled with us have learned that we’ll play at night, but be prepared for an intense wake-up. It’s a great way to start your day. Give it a try, there is no rule that you can’t enjoy yourselves when the sun is shining.  

Many if not most of us are on LS dating sites. But is that the only way to meet people online? You may have heard stories of couples meeting up through non-LS sites. We have. Believe it or not we met an amazing couple on Twitter (or is it X?). Yes, that much maligned platform. They were visiting our part of the world and we got together for drinks which turned into one of the hottest first dates we ever had. Currently, we are chatting with a few other couples on that platform, so we will report back.  

Now for the big one. Going out on dates without play. As we have mentioned in earlier posts some of our closest friends are our lifestyle friends. People with whom we laugh and with whom cry. We can go out with them whether it is for dinner, a show, or an art fair without any expectation to play. As sexy as they are, we can keep our clothes on and still have an amazing time, even if it is a vanilla date. Then there are friends who we have met through the lifestyle with whom, for whatever reason, we have never played nor ever expect. But they are still friends with whom we enjoy spending time. The bottom line is that when you hang with lifestyle people you can enjoy yourself in ways that you can’t with vanilla friends. When you are with people who are members of this “secret community” you can truly be yourself. There are no airs, no filters. And these are the couples who are there for you, no matter what.  


Donna & Alex  

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