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Time flies by … we can’t believe how long it has been since our last sojourn to our “happy place” Desire Pearl and not surprisingly we have been swamped with work and family matters (all good, so no complaints). But as we start to think about our next visit, we have been able to take some deep breaths and reflect about past trips and the couples we have met during our visits to our home away from home.

In all the years we have been having fun at Pearl we have learned that some of the guests fall into several subgroups. So here goes …

Some couples are very possessive. By that we mean that they meet a couple and get their claws into them. They then do their best to try to keep other couples away. We had this funny experience on our last trip, where we met a lovely newbie couple and had a chance to chat with them in the pool. A little while later the husband of another couple who we had met in passing came up to us at the bar and told us fairly directly that we probably shouldn’t waste our time with that newbie couple since they “do not play.” What was funny was that this guy had no clue whether we were interested in playing with the other couple or not. But then, he and his wife stuck with this couple like bears to honey and were clearly interested in them while keeping others away. Watching from a distance, it was obvious that the newbie couple didn’t know what hit them. We hope that these newbies had a great time and that they come back.

Then there are couples, some of whom are our friends, that are totally into theme nights. Their costumes are amazing and far out class anything we have ever attempted. We greatly enjoy watching them and admire their creativity and costumes. Our last costume experience was on Halloween a few years ago, there was a competition for best costume … Donna was dressed as sushi. We thought it was cute, but the playmakers apparently did not since they didn’t even take notice of her or enter her in the costume competition. Oh well, we had a great time anyway, but we have given up on costumes, except of course for lingerie theme nights!

Then there are the drinkers … we wrote about drinking in the LS in a past post but some of the heaviest drinking we have seen is at Desire. We have not been to other all-inclusive resorts so maybe it is the same there, but nevertheless the heaviest drinking we have seen is at Desire. Just about all the guests drink but there are some that are so extreme that they miss dates and sometimes entire days. One of our friends was so “hammered” on his first day that he essentially passed out on a pool bed. Passed out to the point that security came by to check on him. There are also some who do things that we know they later regret.  We try to avoid the drunks but sometimes they are amusing.

Ghosts, and we don’t mean those you meet on Halloween. We all get ghosted from time to time, but getting ghosted at Desire? Yes, it does happen.  A few years ago, we met a couple at the pool bar with whom we really hit it off. Sometime in the early afternoon, the wife took Donna by the hand and suggested that they grab a bed at the jacuzzi. Donna is not one to pass up on the advances of a sexy and intelligent lady so off they went.  A while later us husbands went to check in on them and found them in the throes of passion. We let them be and a short time later they found their way back to the pool, quite content.  We had dinner plans with another couple, but we made up to meet them in the lobby before that evening’s entertainment.  We saw them in the restaurant having dinner alone, and afterwards we floated around the lobby looking for them as planned but could not find them. Now, Desire Pearl is not that large, but they were nowhere to be found. Growing a bit concerned we headed over to their room but there was no response to our knocks at their door. We figured that maybe they found another couple that flipped their switch, so we headed back to the entertainment and had a fun night. We then saw them at breakfast and Donna went over to see if everything was ok. The wife sheepishly admitted that she enjoyed spontaneity and that having a “date” made her feel uncomfortable. She could have said that up front, so who knows? Anyway, Donna was left with a hot memory and a good story.

Overall, on every visit we have met amazing people from all walks of life and from all over the world. For many of us, it is our happy place. A safe fun environmentwhere it is politics and religion free, and no one cares where you live or what you do for a living. Can this be utopia?


Donna & Alex

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