Desire … are we Desirable?

We ended our last post with Desire and you may have been left scratching your head wondering what is Desire. Well desire is a noun and a verb but in the LS it almost always means an almost legendary adults only resort(s) in Mexico, located south of Cancun. There are two  Desire resorts. The larger of the two, is  Riviera Maya also known as RM has about 120 guest rooms and suites. The smaller, Pearl has a little over 80 guest rooms.  Both are clothing optional and LS friendly. If you decide to check out their website ignore the pictures; not all guests are young, fit and toned. And to put aside another fear, not everyone plays. But everyone is there for the amazing people and the sexy atmosphere.

About ten years ago we were searching for a clothing optional resort and we found Desire. After doing a bit of on-line research we found the Desire bulletin board. We read lots of “trip reports” and many of the posted questions answered many of our questions. But even with our research and being veterans of a clothing optional beach, we still had a little trepidation as we headed to the airport for our first trip down.

So, what were our fears?? Well basically were we desirable? Though we had played a lot with one couple we really didn’t know much about the LS. Would we fit in? We like to think we are an attractive couple but definitely not Ken and Barbie. But we said, “now or never.”

What we found were amazing people of all ages, many of them were just like us.  Some “played” and some did not. And it didn’t matter. Everyone was there to enjoy the sexy environment in beautiful surroundings. Oh, and we learned a lot. More of that in another post (teaser alert).  And now, when people ask how long we’ve been in the LS we usually count the years since we started going to Desire …

So what makes you desirable or Desirable? If you are worried about your age, don’t!  Age does not matter. For the most part, the LS is age agnostic. You’ll meet couples in their 20’s and you’ll meet others in their 70’s. We tend not to play with couples in their 20’s but have played with couples whose ages ranged from mid 30’s to 70. Each encounter is unique. Every couple, no matter their age has something sexy to offer.

If you are worried about your physique, don’t. Just be well groomed and own it … you’ll meet all shapes and sizes.  We don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t take care of yourselves but not everyone is a gym rat, not everyone is svelte.  But being well groomed is important. And equally as important is how you dress. Dress to impress. Wear clothes that make you look and feel your sexiest. Like we said, own it!

And one warning about Desire the resort. It is highly addictive. You will be planning your next visit before the first one ends.

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