Who are we? And why are we starting to blog?

Hi. We are Donna and Alex.  Some of you may remember us from our interview in Episode 67 of the Normalizing Nonmonogamy podcast https://shows.pippa.io/normalizingnonmonogamy/episodes/episode67 .

But for those of you who don’t remember us, or didn’t catch that episode, we are empty nesters, approaching the north end of middle-aged who have been together for over thirty years. We’ve been ethically non-monogamous or as they say “in the lifestyle” for more years than we have not … you can do the math. Just for the record, we are not into labels, but so many people use the term “lifestyle” when they refer to ethical non-monogamy that we won’t fight convention and use the term even though we like to think of it just as the “secret society”. How did we get into the lifestyle? For now, let’s just say through friends … more about that in another post.

With so many podcasts and blogs out there why are we starting a blog and adding to the blog universe?  As avid podcast listeners and readers of a few blogs we have not found anything specifically aimed at the older or more mature crowd. Some of the podcasters and bloggers like to joke that they are older but their excellent content is usually aimed at a more general audience. The lifestyle has been around for a long time, or at least since World War II as far as we can reckon. So, as you can imagine, there are a bunch of older couples who have been playing for years, some even for decades. But then there are others who, just like our younger friends, are just starting to experience the excitement and wonders of non-monogamy. For us, it has been and continues to be an amazing journey, filled with wonderful experiences, full of surprises and of course lots of close friends. Oh, and it keeps us young!

But we all have stories, and everyone has questions.

We hope by telling our story and sharing our experiences we will answer many of your questions. But if we don’t, feel free to reach out us. We’d love to hear from you and maybe we can answer your questions in future posts.

Donna & Alex

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