Sex sent me to the ER … Well almost!

Do any of you remember the TV show, Sex Sent me to the ER? We must admit that we have watched it a few times with a bit of amusement. We always thought that many if not all of the stories portrayed on the show were fiction even though it was billed as re-enactments. Well, now we are believers.  

Several months ago, we had a very sexy couple over for an afternoon of drinks and nibbles hoping that we would connect and see where that connection would lead. We sat on the patio taking advantage of a beautiful South Florida day and chatted. The champagne flowed as did the conversation which became increasingly flirty and suggestive. Before we knew it the four of us were naked in the pool. And with the sun slipping away and things getting pretty hot and heavy in the pool we decided to take it inside.  

Our playroom has a queen-sized bed which is well raised off the floor.  In the heat of the moment, Donna went flying off the bed and landed on the floor with a thud. That thud was her shoulder hitting the floor. Good thing there was a rug, but she was in pain! We quickly got ice and needless to say this was the ultimate in buzz kill.  Thinking back, the whole scene was pretty funny as we were all sitting around naked while Donna was applying an ice pack to her shoulder. As you can imagine, our friends were a bit shaken up, but Donna assured them that she was ok.  We all got dressed and they soon headed home. It turned out that our new friends were not only sexy and great playmates but very caring people. Over the following weeks they texted and called several times to check-in.  

Donna decided to tough out the night and if still in pain in the morning would seek out a shoulder doc. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the pain did not subside and by 10AM she was at the doctor’s office. Our worst fears were realized when the x-ray revealed a small fracture. Despite the pain and discomfort, it did not affect Donna’s wry sense of humor. That was first evident when the doctor breezed into the room to examine her and asked, “what happened, how did you do this?” and with a totally straight face she responded “I fell out of bed having sex.” And that was her response whenever someone asked her what happened. Some folks did not know how to respond while others were like “wow, that must have been a wild time” to which she responded “yep.”  

We learned a bunch of things from the weeks of healing and physical therapy. In no particular order: 1) watch out before you flip over in a crowded bed, 2) a queen-size bed may be good for a threesome but for four people maybe not, 3) don’t try some of that stuff you see in a video, it’s being done by professionals who are a lot younger than you, 4) yes, you can have fun and intense sex when you are healing from a fractured shoulder 5) as you get older, cut back on day-drinking and 6) be honest when people ask you a direct question, it’s a hoot to see their reaction.  

BTW, Donna’s shoulder is almost back-to-normal and the prognosis for her to achieve 100% function is excellent. Now on to Libertine Events’ hotel takeover in Miami Beach this coming weekend and then off to Desire Pearl for Canada Day and the July 4th holiday.  


Donna & Alex            

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